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College of Education

Do you want to inspire young minds and unlock their potential? Are you an advocate for the next generation? Do you embrace new opportunities and the challenges of tomorrow? If these seem fitting, take a moment to learn about one of the best colleges for education majors: the University of 美高梅mgm1888首页 Missouri’s College of Education.

In 1871, 美高梅mgm1888’s College of Education originated as a training school for teachers. To this day, our teacher education programs remain a cornerstone of the university and continue their prominent standing in Missouri and throughout the Midwest for educator preparation. As one of the longest continually and nationally accredited teacher education programs in Missouri, we offer a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees and certifications. Many of these are offered fully online to help you achieve your goals.

At the 美高梅mgm1888 College of Education, we enrich the lives of aspiring and experienced educators alike to change lives in the classroom. With a nearly 99% job placement rate, many career opportunities will await you once you earn your degree from the College of Education.

By pursuing a degree at one of the best colleges for education majors, you’ll learn the skills and innovative approaches to become a caring, effective and dedicated educator. Our degree programs stand out from other colleges with education majors for several reasons:

  • Clinical experience: Here at 美高梅mgm1888, we believe you learn best by doing. You’ll experience field-embedded lessons, complete engaging coursework and build innovative techniques to apply in your own educational settings. Our supportive learning environment makes us one of the best colleges for teaching degrees and prepares you for classroom or institutional leadership.
  • Engaged teaching and learning: As experts in the field, faculty in 美高梅mgm1888’s College of Education guide you every step of the way. They’re involved in student-focused and professionally active mentorship opportunities that make 美高梅mgm1888 one of the best colleges for education majors.
  • Flexible, virtual opportunities: We know you value flexibility when comparing the best colleges for teaching degrees. To meet your needs, we offer many degrees and courses. Depending on the program you choose, you can earn your degree online, through a mix of online and on-campus classes or fully in person in Warrensburg or Lee’s Summit, Missouri.
  • Debt-reducing financial aid and scholarships: 美高梅mgm1888 offers competitive tuition rates, making it an excellent choice if you’re seeking high-quality colleges with education majors at an affordable cost. In addition to university-wide financial aid and scholarships, nearly 150 scholarships are available to College of Education undergraduate and graduate students. 
  • Desirable location: If you’re pursuing teaching certification, you’ll receive a diverse classroom perspective from field placements in rural, suburban and urban schools. These experiences can help you determine which type of school fits you best. Today, nearly four out of five College of Education alumni remain in the state to teach, representing 美高梅mgm1888 in over 75% of Missouri’s school districts.
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美高梅mgm1888 Education Graduates Stand Out to Future Employers

James P., Principal, Matthews Elementary, Grain Valley R-5 

“We often hire graduates from the 美高梅mgm1888 Education program. We enjoy working with 美高梅mgm1888 and have an open dialogue about the needs of future educators. We place multiple student teachers in our building and district each year. 美高梅mgm1888 graduates understand the importance of being dedicated to the profession of educating students. They are flexible, eager to learn and have a strong foundation in many of our district and building initiatives.”


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The Success Advising Center is 美高梅mgm1888's transformative model for student success and college completion. Your Success Advisor will be your biggest help at 美高梅mgm1888 when it comes to selecting courses, enrolling and keeping you on track to graduate. Schedule an appointment with a Success Advisor today! 

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